About iVirtuAssist

Founded with Integrity & Dedication

iVirtuAssist has been providing worldwide virtual assistance to independent professionals, small businesses, government entities, and large corporations, since 2006. We are currently based in Washington State and pride ourselves on helping businesses work, which is the basis for our slogan.

iVirtuAssist’s Owner and Founder

The Chief Executive Officer, Charlette Glover-Beardsley, is the original owner and founder of iVirtuAssist, LLC. It is through her education, skills, and experience that iVirtuAssist was built. In 1994, Mrs. Glover-Beardsley completed her Associate’s Degree in Secretarial Science, with a minor in Database Design. She has over 18 years experience providing executive-level administrative, technical, and paralegal support within a variety of industries; including (but not limited to), Aerospace, Real Estate, Legal, Financial, and Consumer Goods. She is highly proficient in most major computer software programs and possesses excellent verbal (and written) communication skills, which are vital to providing clients with effective, competent support. 

Throughout her professional career, Mrs. Glover-Beardsley has received high commendations from clients and employers in recognition of her initiative, hard work, and dedication. She is a strong advocate for on-going professional self-development and her work ethic is driven by a determination to see her clients succeed.

iVirtuAssist’s core values are built upon Mrs. Glover-Beardsley’s passion for helping businesses work and clients who work with iVirtuAssist will benefit from her knowledge and expertise.


There are no limits to the services we provide our clients and no job is too big or too small. We are unique in that we can tailor our services to work with almost any budget without diminishing the quality of what we produce. Real-time assistance is available, wherever needed, and we are accessible to our clients whenever needed


Our ability to seamlessly integrate our services into any business operation, with client-provided applications and industry standard software, is what makes iVirtuAssist a premier partner. iVirtuAssist is proficient in utilizing computer technology to conduct business to provide a diverse menu of virtual assistant services


Upholding strict client confidentiality, conducting business in compliance with the law, and obeying intellectual property rules (i.e. plagiarism, software piracy, etc.) is the foundation upon which we provide service. Professionalism (both in person and virtually) is a key driver in defining iVirtuAssist’s core values.


Clients who use our services receive the support needed to ensure their business will maintain productivity. Our clients also receive the added benefit of reduced overhead expenses (associated with hiring and maintaining a traditional employee) through use of our services