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We’ve listed some answers to questions we’ve received over the years that may prove useful for potential clients to know upfront.  Please take the time to read through these answers and contact us with any additional questions.  If you have any additional questions, it is highly recommended that you fill out a free quote request to allow us to better assist you with your business support concerns.


What kind of services does iVirtuAssist provide?

iVirtuAssist provides personalized, virtual, secretarial and back-office support to independent professionals, Fortune 500 companies, corporations, government contractors, and Non-Profit organizations. We offer a wide range of services; including, corporate travel support, word processing, inbound-call center support, dispatching, database management, desktop publishing, website design, and much more. To learn more about the services we offer, please click here


Who will be doing the work if I hire iVirtuAssist?

All work outsourced to iVirtuAssist is done “in-house” by iVirtuAssist staff. iVirtuAssist staff are required to undergo a background check, applicable skills testing, and must be a citizen of the United States


Is iVirtuAssist always accepting new clients?

We only advertise and accept new client work if it will not impact services provided to our existing clients. This is done in an effort to ensure our quality of work continues to meet or exceed expectations


Is use of your services confidential?

Yes. iVirtuAssist is deeply committed to protecting our client’s privacy. We welcome non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and can accommodate non-compete agreements, in some cases


How quickly can I start using iVirtuAssist?

The first step is to obtain a quote by submitting a Quote Request. When all necessary information has been received, we will generate a quote as quickly as possible. Once our quote is accepted, a Statement of Work (SOW) is generated then signed, by both parties, after which a retainer fee becomes due (in some cases). After the retainer has been received (if applicable) work commences, as agreed within the SOW, which can be as quickly as needed. This process can be completed in as little as 24 hours of the quote being generated, depending on how quickly funds are made available by your bank


How will I know work will be performed to my satisfaction?

All clients have the ability to track tasks using our platform or theirs.  Our services are performed in accordance with the terms set forth in each Statement of Work. Should any issues arise we will work to remedy the situation as quickly as possible


What are your rates?

Our rates vary based on individual client needs and scope of service. Please submit a Quote Request to obtain a quote which will include a rate specific to your business needs


Do you charge hidden fees?

No. We conduct business with transparency and integrity so we do not charge hidden fees.  All fees are clearly defined in each Statement of Work


What happens if my business needs expand beyond the scope of my Statment of Work?

We will work with you to modify your agreement if your needs expand beyond the scope of your Statement of Work


How do I track progress on my tasks?

Our clients have the option of tracking tasks thru the iVirtuAssist portal where they can receive real-time updates, track progress and modify tasks. This is in addition to any client-provided tools


How do I communicate with my virtual assistant?

In addition to traditional contact information (such as email, video conference and phone) which is provided in advance; active clients have the option of communicating with us in “real-time”, through the iVirtuAssist portal, where instant messaging capabilities are available. Clients can chat with us, organize conferences, and receive notifications of the latest activities, on demand


How do I access the iVirtuAssist Client Portal?

Portal access is reserved for active clients and can be used in parallel, or in lieu of, other client provided tools. Access to the portal is provided upon request when services are rendered


How do I contact iVirtuAssist if I’m not an active client?

We can be reached by submitting a Contact Request on our website (for best results)

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