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flexible support

Our services are available after business hours including weekends and holidays for an additional fee.  If you need support during seasonal times of the year please contact us by requesting a quote to learn more about how we may be able to provide coverage during staff shortages


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Seamless integration 

iVirtuAssist is flexible and designed to integrate seamlessly into almost any business. We work hard to meet our client’s needs thru an unwavering commitment to service excellence. To determine our client’s specific needs we work closely with them to ensure requests are fulfilled timely and with quality

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Our virtual support is not only a business benefit – it can be good for the environment as an eco-friendly solution! Clients can use our service to reduce travel, associated with employee commutes, and paper, which contributes to the destruction of trees. These reductions can preserve trees and lower greenhouse gas emissions, which causes air pollution, along with fuel, which causes oil consumption. Therefore, using our services may help preserve the earth, through conservation, which is good for everyone

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Our Virtual Services Menu

The support we provide can be tailored to meet client needs and are better suited for fast-paced environments.  We are experienced pioneers of virtual assistance and accept clients, on a case-by-case basis, in an effort to maintain quality-control where there is no impact to our service levels.

All services we provide are performed exclusively virtual and designed to fit seamlessly into operations.   The following is a summary of services we provide but please submit a quote request for a more information


Data Processing
Electronic Form Design
Inbound Call Center Support*
Internet Research
Law Enforcement Transcription
General Data Entry
Legal Transcription Services
Technical Writing
Virtual Back Office Support
Web Design & Support
Word Processing


Executive Administrative Support
Case Management
Corporate Travel Support
Database Creation
Desktop Publishing
Dispatch Call Center Support*
Custom Event & Travel Planning
Executive Support
General Project Support
Inbound Call Center Support
Website Design

*Note: All services exclude on-site support.  Additionally, we do not provide telemarketing, sales, or cold calling services of any kind.  All call center support is limited to “inbound” call volume only with outbound call volume restrictions


“We Respect Our Clients by Keeping Use of Our Services Confidential and Secure”


Contract terms are pretty straightforward!  Since we are an independent business we work as 1099 contractors so we operate under the same terms used for your existing contractors. Our pricing is tailored to fit your budget and competitive with industry standard rates for executive administrative personnel

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Our services can be used on a temporary or long-term basis and we offer flexible billing with hourly, daily, weekly or “pay as you go” rates. If your business has a situation where there’s more work than can be handled in-house or if you prefer to outsource special projects, rather than hire temporary workers, we can pick up the overload. Additionally, training is typically included in our rates and long-term clients can benefit from discounted services


Our clients know who we are because they interface with us as teammates and we don’t change personnel frequently.  They count on us to be there and trust us with their private client data.  We respect our clients by keeping their use of our services confidential and secure

Take Us Anywhere

Our clients have access to our services anywhere they have internet connection using a mobile device or traditional laptop or desktop computer


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